Medical Transcription

Professional Transcription Services provides quality medical transcription with a good knowledge and familiarity with medical terminologies.  Find experienced transcription specialists who offer quality service to medical professionals at Professional Transcriptions Services.

Expertise in all Specialties

We currently service clinical practices in the following specialties:

Cardiology                               Orthopedics
Endocrinology                          Podiatry
Gastroenterology                      Psychiatry
Hematology/Oncology              Physiatry
Infectious Disease                    Pulmonology
Internal Medicine                     Radiation
Nephrology                             Surgery
Neurology                               Urology

Full Service Support
We offer call-in Digital Dictation Service, or Digital Portable Dictation, and Stat Line for priority work.  We will also transcribe tapes that are sent to us.

Proactive Dictation Management
We provide a list of all patients on the Daysheet/Schedule that were not dictated on, allowing you to take immediate action.

EHR/EMR Compatibility
We work with you in the format of your choosing. Files are returned electronically according to your file naming protocol and specifications for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration.  The files can be uploaded to your server through FTP, VPN, or SharePoint transmission.  We also provide on-line editing, electronic signature service, correspondence mailing, and fax service.

HIPAA Compliant
Patient privacy and security are built into our systems from day one. We comply with HIPAA regulations and assure secure Internet transfer of voice files and document files related to medical transcription. Our goal is to safeguard client data and information with the use of HIPAA compliant communication protocols in medical transcription.

For more information about issues pertaining to Medical Transcription, please visit our pages on Medical Considerations and the EMR Conundrum.

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